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Birds of America

Birds of America (2023)

for voice and stereo playback
7 minutes

Common Bluebird (Birds of America)
Wood Pewee (Birds of America)
Hawk Owl (Birds of America)
Mississippi Kite (Birds of America)

Program Note

Birds of America pairs texts from Audubon's original work of the same name with field recordings of those birds. Special thanks to the Macaulay Library at Cornell for use of the field recordings.

Performance Note

Birds of America is available in both a low-voice and high-voice version and also in an open-voicing version. The electroacoustic component does not include specifically-pitched material, so the movements could be performed at any starting pitch. Performance tracks are available both with and without initial reference pitches.

Please contact Sarah directly to purchase the score and tracks for Birds of America. In your message, please indicate whether you'd like the low-voice version with reference pitches, the high-voice version with reference pitches, or the open-voicing version without reference pitches. Score and tracks will be delivered electronically.

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